David and myself at the library in Corringham. With thanks to Deborah Stewart for the pic

Welcome to our society website which is responsible for protecting our communities track bed

A big thank you to all who turned up for the meeting at the Bull ph on the 19th February. Plans are now afoot and more news will follow.

Secretary, Ms Lisa Sargent.

New Facebook group has now landed and is boiling over nicely, thank you very much. Check it out here first. In the fashion of good relationship, we are obliged to share this group with you, although we do not endorse what they say or do.

We are bidding on this little gem at present to add it to our collection.
The Society has this colour slide in our collection.

Please take some time to check out a new set of Thames Haven photos taken by Des Summerson from the Stephenson Centenary Rail Tour in April 1954 and the timetable included with time amendments by Des himself.

The timetable supplied of the journey with amendments by Des Summerson.
Thames Haven around the time Des visited it.
Thames Haven around the time Des visited it.








Please do not forget the wildlife walk behind the Pegasus club with their own public footpath system that takes you right into the heart of Kynoch Wildlife Corner.

With massive thanks to Huntley Film Archives, footage of the CLR journey from Corringham station to Coryton and back again. Ironlatch Crossing is also seen. Recorded in 1949 by one of the many steam rail enthusiasts of their day. With special thanks to Huntley Film Archives. Check out their website here for more videos.

New photo found, available online now!
Picture taken in the 1930’s of station.

Open now! A new bird feeding area is in operation behind Pegasus Country Club. Winter is here and we need all hands to the wheel when it comes to looking after the track bed’s wildlife area including the terrapins and water vole family.

If you would like to add any bird feeders and/or food for the birds or other Winter animals, you are more than welcome to do so.

Blue Tit at Kynoch Wildlife Corner
Blue tit at Kynoch Wildlife Corner

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From Darryl Bamsey.
From Darryl Bamsey.